The Help-U-Sell® Difference


The Help-U-Sell® Difference

Created 30 years ago, the Help-U-Sell® model was the pioneer for providing an alternative to the dated 6% commission structure, something that had virtually gone uncontested for years in a market overrun by a monopoly of traditional brokerage firms. Help-U-Sell® is a full-service set-fee organization and our Brokers, who are fully licensed by their local Board of Realtors and are members of the National Association of Realtors®, manage the entire home sale process from start to finish, including marketing your home with our comprehensive direct mail program, pricing your home with the most current sales comparables, negotiating and handling counter-offers, taking care of all inspections, attending closings, providing a lender referral when needed, and more. And of course we have a powerful website that drives millions of visitors to our site with over 2 million properties.

The Seller Difference

Help-U-Sell's® model breaks down the services that a traditional Broker provides, such as advertising costs, staging a house for sale and holding open houses, in turn allowing consumers to save a significant amount of money compared to what they would have spent on the traditional 6% broker fee. With no extraneous fees or inflated commissions, consumers are given full transparency knowing from the initial stages of the transaction what they will be left with after the sale. On average, Help-U-Sell® Brokers close more than two or three times the number of transactions than the competition. Who would you rather trust your dream home with? Getting homes under contract is just the first step, but taking care of all the details to make sure the home really closes is where our expertise takes over.

Unlike most traditional real estate companies, we also offer our Sellers choices. Our Sellers have the option of showing their home themselves, and thus saving more money, and our Sellers have the option of placing their home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). By giving you choices we allow you to take advantage of our business model efficiencies by giving you control over the process.

The Buyer Difference

Each year, Help-U-Sell also helps thousands of Buyers as well. We sell all homes on the MLS in addition to our own inventory of exclusive properties. In essence, we have more homes than any other office in town as we have all the MLS properties plus our own listings that may not be on the MLS.

We also give Buyers choices. While Buyer programs vary from office to office, in general, you can elect to be personally shown the homes in their community by a Help-U-Sell® licensed expert or Help-U-Sell® can compensate the buyer through a rebate where permitted by law if the buyer chooses to do some of the leg work. The Help-U-Sell® office will provide the buyer with all the inventory of homes and the Buyer's duty is to search and narrow the list of homes on their own.

Today's savvy real estate consumers are demanding an alternative, and Help-U-Sell® is the answer - we are the largest and oldest set-fee real estate company, and have set the standard in the industry. To list your home now, please contact us or you can search over 2 million properties instantly.

0Broker Focus: Patrick Wood by HELPUSELL pats pr pics 003 300x225 Broker Focus: Patrick Wood Patrick Wood Anyone who has driven through Chino Hills, Calif., probably recognizes Patrick Wood’s name. He’s known for his ubiquitous signage. “The technique that brought me huge success in my core market was to start branding my name with the Help-U-Sell Office,” says Wood, who has owned Help-U-Sell Prestige Properties since 2003. All of his staff members have magnets on their cars that have his name and the Help-U-Sell Real Estate name, and his main work vehicle has a wrap that stands out. “The real estate signs and open house signs [also] have resulted in huge recognition, and the community has responded amazingly well,” he adds. “I constantly hear how people see my signs everywhere.” Of course, there is more to his success than signage. Wood, whose office has closed 54 sides so far this year, emphasizes the importance of offering full service and commission savings in attracting clients. “I found this to be necessary as other agents were trying to compete with my office by suggesting the clients would have to do all the work,” he says. “The full service leaves the client satisfied, which results in referrals, so it has been beneficial.” For new Help-U-Sell Brokers, he recommends continuing the full-service concept through to the office setup. “[In our office] a team concept has been put in place, and it provides clients with access to licensed assistants seven days a week,” he says. “Service is big, constant contact is big, working together is huge. This is a crazy, intense field and having the support of a team makes it much easier and productive.”