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Home Selling The Help-U-Sell® Way

Mistakenly, many consumers believe that Help-U-Sell is a For Sale By Owner company, or, that we provide limited realty services.  Fortunately for homebuyers and sellers, it’s not too good to be true, there’s no catch. We believe that today’s competitive and sometimes rapidly changing real estate climate with more informed Sellers, requires expert real estate Brokers and a realistic cost for services.

Expert Real Estate Brokers 

Our Brokers are fully licensed and members of the National Association of Realtors®. On average, traditional real estate agents nationwide typically handles less than 10 realty transactions a year, while our real estate Brokers and Agents handle dozens, which means more in-depth home selling and buying market knowledge, more experience solving problems and more value for our buyers and sellers.

Informed Sellers

When you ask Help-U-Sell real estate agents in the home selling process, you’ll discover that open communication between you and your real estate Broker is one of the top priorities. We believe in transparency in real estate, and always have – there is no hidden agenda with Help-U-Sell. That is why our realty offices let you know up-front what your set fee will be, and exactly what we are doing to get your home sold.

Realistic Cost For Home Selling Services

We believe that the traditional 6 percent commission is an outdated practice and has no correlation to the cost of performing a real estate transaction. Our goal is to provide a fair price for the cost of services rendered, much like any other professional service that consumers pay for. Since the cost of doing business varies throughout the country, the set-fee offered for our services also varies, depending on the market. What doesn’t change is the scope of services we provide. We perform all the same services as traditional real estate companies, and, often times, more.   To list your home today, please contact your nearest real estate agents office today!

Patrick Wood Broker/Owner #1 Realtor in Chino Hills 2004-2014 year to date!

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0Broker Focus: Patrick Wood by HELPUSELL pats pr pics 003 300x225 Broker Focus: Patrick Wood Patrick Wood Anyone who has driven through Chino Hills, Calif., probably recognizes Patrick Wood’s name. He’s known for his ubiquitous signage. “The technique that brought me huge success in my core market was to start branding my name with the Help-U-Sell Office,” says Wood, who has owned Help-U-Sell Prestige Properties since 2003. All of his staff members have magnets on their cars that have his name and the Help-U-Sell Real Estate name, and his main work vehicle has a wrap that stands out. “The real estate signs and open house signs [also] have resulted in huge recognition, and the community has responded amazingly well,” he adds. “I constantly hear how people see my signs everywhere.” Of course, there is more to his success than signage. Wood, whose office has closed 54 sides so far this year, emphasizes the importance of offering full service and commission savings in attracting clients. “I found this to be necessary as other agents were trying to compete with my office by suggesting the clients would have to do all the work,” he says. “The full service leaves the client satisfied, which results in referrals, so it has been beneficial.” For new Help-U-Sell Brokers, he recommends continuing the full-service concept through to the office setup. “[In our office] a team concept has been put in place, and it provides clients with access to licensed assistants seven days a week,” he says. “Service is big, constant contact is big, working together is huge. This is a crazy, intense field and having the support of a team makes it much easier and productive.”